New Wedding Trend – The Last Song

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Coming out of the States, a new trend is evolving which is the “Last Dance”.

This is designed to be an interment moment for the newly weds. The idea is to have all the guests to move outside of the reception center, leaving the couple to have a private last dance together.

This is a no pressure final dance, it is all about the newly married couple. Not out to impress anyone but to soak up the final moments of the special day and put the icing on a cake to a wonderful occasion. Pick a song that is important to you, it doesn’t matter how corny it maybe, as it is not designed to please anyone else.

If you have decided to do this, please let your Wedding DJ know well in advance, not only to make sure they have the song cued and available but also to give them time to clear the venue for your private and intimate moment together.