Why a Wedding DJ Cost as much as they do?

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If you’ve never planned a wedding before, it can be difficult to understand why a specific type of wedding pro costs and what they do. They average cost in Australia is around $1500 depending on your location. There are many factors that go into the price and as it turns out it is much more work than playing music for 4 to 5 hours.

Staff / Labor

When it comes to hiring a DJ, it’s really all about finding a person who has a great personality and who you genuinely like and trust. DJ companies expect a lot from their DJ’s. It is their responsibility of all communication, answering questions, prep their work well in advance of your wedding. The DJ you choose is the one that does the work and turns up on the day. Also there can be salary of other staff to consider and make sure everything runs smoothly.


Though this is obvious, you may not expect the time put in is as high as it is. From meeting to creating playlist for your Wedding, making sure the correct version of songs for special dances are correct. Just this can take well over 10 hours to prepare. Then on the day there is travel, set up and pull down. Just the time for you wedding Day could exceed 10 hours.

Gear Purchase and Maintenance

You would expect the equipment used would be of high quality and well maintained for your wedding. It is important you can hear the music and announcements clearly. You want their to be no equipment failures bringing silence over the venue. The DJ set up would cost many thousands of dollars including computers, sound equipment and lighting.


Your DJ has to pay for music and they certainly need a lot of it. You would want to make sure there is an extensive library of thousands of songs available for requests. If a DJ does not have a song on your request list they will usually buy it. If you want a certain mix of a song or a mash up created that equals more time and cost.

Operational Costs

There are many costs in running any business. There are obvious things like rent, maintaining a website, licensing and insurance. Insurance is a very important component to ensure the equipment and public liability are covered. Some venues will not allow not insured DJ’s to perform at their venue. There is also the cost of marketing and advertising and vehicles for transporting equipment just to name a few. There are many running costs for a business, this is just touching the surface.

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