Things Your Wedding DJ Can Do (Besides Play Music)

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Your Wedding DJ plays a vital role on your special day, it is more than just playing music and filling the dance floor. A Wedding DJ has many jobs, some of which are obvious and other jobs sneak under the radar. This is why hiring a well reviewed Wedding DJ is worth the effort.

Enforcing a Time Line

While your Wedding Planner or Venue will most likely take the lead creating your time-line an experienced DJ will certainly contribute since they have a good idea how long parts of the reception will take. Furthermore, your Wedding DJ is responsible for executing the time line, making announcements to keep events on time or if there are any delays.

Provides Sound Equipment

Having a high quality sound system is a must and your Wedding DJ will have you covered. Things like microphones will be included so speeches can be clearly heard and announcements can be made. Having a system with good sound clarity is important so the guests can hear the lyrics for things such as your first dance and they can understand why that song is special.


Many Wedding DJ’s will offer Lighting. This can include simple up lighting to add ambience to a room to a full disco lighting system. Chat to your DJ to see if it is something they can include with their packages. There are options to hire a professional lighting company if you have a large venue but will certainly add to the cost of your Wedding.

Make Sure Equipment is Working Correctly

A Good Wedding DJ will set up well before the Reception and perform sound checks to make sure the sound is not to loud, too soft or distorted. They will also have back up plans if an item equipment should fail during your reception.

Setting The Mood

Your DJ set the tone of your wedding, it is not just about playing music, it is playing the right song at the right time and reading the crowd. The DJ creates the mood with firing up the guests before introductions and getting the excitement in the room so everyone is pumped for party time.

Help Choose Songs

If you are stuck on that perfect song for your special dances, your DJ can offer advise as they have seen them work first hand. They may have some newer songs you have not considered as the keep up with the latest trends. Your DJ will have an extensive music library, you can and offer some suggestions of what you would and would not like played and if you are happy for quests to make requests. It is the DJ’s job to bring all of this together and play certain songs at particular times. They will often do this by reading the crowd.

Serves as MC (emcee)

Having your DJ MC your Wedding will bring a much more professional experience. Your DJ will make announcements and keep things running smoothly. They bring an upbeat vibe and your guests will be more likely to listen an MC rather than being yelled at.

Create a Custom Mashup

Your first dance is a bit long, you want to add an up beat vibe mixing from a slow song to something with more energy? Your DJ can create a custom mix to fit your needs.

Un-Planned Hiccups

Things can go astray on the day, photos take longer than expected, dinner has gone a bit overtime, or maybe one of the Bridal Party has taken a toilet break when speeches are about to begin. Your DJ can cover these situations and help prevent awkward mishaps and fill in the gaps.

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