Tips For Finding The Right Wedding DJ

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You have decided a Wedding DJ is the way to go for your wedding, now it is time to pick a DJ.

This is a very important task as the DJ sets the tone for the Ceremony and Reception. You need to pick a great Wedding DJ that can make your wedding day memorable and sets a spectacular atmosphere.

No matter how good the venue is, how good the food is, if you choose an average DJ you will most likely have and average reception.

  1. You do not have to go with someone you know. You may have a family member or a friend who is a DJ. You may feel obliged to use them for your wedding. It is best to let the DJ’s experience and entertainment value determine who you use and not necessarily the relationship you have with them. If you go with a friend, keep it professional, have contracts in place, have meetings and hire your DJ as you would any other professional. If the night does not go well it may cause a conflict in the relationship you have with this person.
  2. Check with your venue. Have they heard of the DJ you are planning to hire? If they recommend a DJ ask if they get any financial kick back. This may sway their opinion on which DJ to get. It would be at least be worthwhile to short list their recommendations and have an interview with them.
  3. Ask for referrals. You may have heard from a friend that they attended an awesome reception and see if they can find out who the DJ was.
  4. Reviews are a good option. Read the reviews and don’t just go by star rating so you can see why the DJ has been recommended.
  5. Short List your wedding DJ choices and ask to interview them. If a DJ won’t make time for an interview, how likely is they make time for you during the wedding planning.
  6. What is the quality of their equipment? Keep in mind the equipment does not necessarily make a good DJ. Make sure their sound is clear and their lighting looks great. You may need extras such as microphones, do they have this equipment available? Do they have back ups in case of equipment failure?
  7. Have a budget. DJ’s have different packages and may want to up sell their packages. Extras such as up lighting may be worth considering but don’t feel pushed in to upgrading.
  8. What about their music library? Do they have physical files or are they streaming the music. If a DJ fully relies on streaming, what happens if the internet goes down? What genres do they cover? Can they play music across the board to try and entertain everyone at your reception. Will they take requests?
  9. Listen to your gut. Your DJ is going to be a major part of your reception and you will be spending a lot of time with them in the lead up of your wedding day. If you don’t immediately feel comfortable, you probably should move on until you find the right Wedding DJ for you.

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