Things to tell your Wedding DJ

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Planning is key, giving your DJ plenty of time to prepare and bring your wedding to life. A major part of the day is making sure you and your guests have as much fun as possible. The more fun the more memorable the day will be.

Pronunciation of Names

If you decide to have your bridal party fully introduced by your DJ, it is important to give the correct pronunciation of names. You may consider giving phonetic spelling of the entire wedding party. This is more important with more unusual names that may not be familiar to your DJ.

Introductions seem to be getting less popular, a general announcement for the wedding party with the emphasis on the Newly Weds grand entrance is becoming more popular.

Do you want your Wedding DJ to MC?

Besides from announcements, you may wish to engage the DJ’s MC services for your wedding.

Communicate clearly how much you want the DJ to MC, some DJ’s will speak a lot where others wont. Let the DJ know if there is any strained relationships, deaths. people that may find particular topics offensive or anything you feel may cause some social awkwardness. Also if there any games you want the DJ to participate in.

When and what to play.

It is important to give your DJ the songs you want played for the major moments. These may include introductions, first dance, father/daughter and mother/son dance, cake cutting, bouquet and garter toss, and the last song. Give the DJ the timing of these events with your songs of choice well before the day. With timing, this also includes the length of a song, eg. for the first dance do you want the song played in full or faded at a particular time.

Context of Song Requests

Besides a normal song list, if there is a song that has a particular context let the DJ know. It might be the song playing when you first met, your favorite dance song or some other songs provoking happy memories. It might be your Mother’s favorite song or a song from your parents wedding. This can help guide the DJ and give them a sense of what to play.

Try and avoid giving a song list that covers the entire reception. Your DJ is there to read the crowd and time songs and genres to when it is appropriate to play them.

Do Not Play List

This list can be just as important as the songs you want played. It is important to have this list especially if the DJ is open to requests. It can be from songs you simply don’t like, songs with swearing or maybe a song used at a recent funeral. Let the DJ know if a song is on the do not play list is requested, can it be played? If not the DJ can show the list to diffuse a guest from demanding a song request or saying the bride asked for the song to try and get it played.

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