How To Choose a Good DJ

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This is by far the most important aspect of a DJ. Your DJ is responsible for setting the Vibe of the event and can make or break the day. A DJ with a happy, confident personality will provide a memorial event, a boring DJ equals a boring event.

Don’t simply rely on email and text. Talk and meet with your DJ, this way you can describe your needs, the atmosphere you are looking for, also you can sense if they can fulfill your requirements.

2. Communication

Make sure you are on the same page with your DJ. Communicate a “Must Play” and a “Do Not Play” list, give them a running sheet of your event and any announcements required. Other than your event planner, your DJ is often the person keeping everything together and moving. This is also crucial why your DJ can MC .

3. Flexibility

A DJ needs to be well prepared and you should have supplied a running sheet and they will try and stick to a time line. However what if a spanner gets thrown in the works, the Bridal Couple are an hour late, can the DJ adapt on the fly so the guests can still enjoy the day and not feel rushed.

4. Individuality

Has your DJ done one wedding a thousand times or has your DJ done one thousand different weddings. Don’t hire a DJ that is glorified Juke Box, these DJ’s often only know how to perform from basically one playlist. Hire a DJ that will work for you and is happy to prepare a show for your individual needs. It is important that a DJ that reads a crowd and can adjust quickly if things are not going as planned. This can make a big difference to an over all event.

5. What services does your DJ offer

Does your DJ do lighting? From uplights to create a mood in a room to full on party lighting. Lights make a huge difference to the atmosphere and can vary a lot. Do they offer packages that can make things a little more affordable? As mentioned earlier, can the DJ use a microphone, perform introductions and other announcements.

6. Hire a DJ specific to your occasion

If you are looking for a Wedding DJ for example, it might not be the best option not to hire a Club DJ that mainly works night clubs. Find someone that has experience and is willing to DJ appropriately for your event.

7. Can the DJ play your preferred style of Music

When looking for a DJ, look for one that can play your preferred style of music. Again a Hip Hop DJ may not be appropriate for a wedding or your event. A DJ that has a broad knowledge of music would be a better option.

8. Presentation

Look online for images of the DJ and see how they present themselves and is it appropriate for your event. For a wedding DJ, a well dressed and groomed is a much better option than Jeans and T-Shirt. Also look at the presentation of their equipment, is it clean and well maintained? Is the set up neat? Not having wires everywhere or tripping hazards. This says a lot about the professionalism of the DJ.

9. Gimmicks

Does the DJ have gimmicks that actually take away the attention from the quality of the DJ. Often DJ’s will get hired on a gimmick rather than their talent. A gimmick may look cool, however keep in mind why you want to hire a DJ in the first place.

10. How do they build a Play List

If you are not hiring a one playlist DJ then a lot of work will go into creating a playlist. As mentioned earlier the DJ should have a list of liked and disliked songs. A good DJ can move from the play list if what you asked is not working and they can easily adjust to the crowd. Also will they take requests from your guests? Requests often can put the DJ on a new and Fun path. It is often said “If a DJ will not play requests, RUN!

11. Back up equipment

Does the DJ offer a back up plan if there is equipment failure. What is their plan B and Plan C? The DJ needs to be able to fix issues on the fly if in the unlikely event something does go wrong.

12. Can I see examples of your previous work

If you want to make sure that a DJ can Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk, ask for examples of their work. This will give you a good idea on their performance. With any job, people may say things to get a booking but in fact they may not be able to follow it up.


The decision you make when hiring a DJ can have a huge impact your event. They day depends on atmosphere and the ability to set the mood along with the entertainment. Can the DJ do what you want and exceed your expectations?

“Hire a cheap DJ and you’ll find it to be the worst money you’ve ever saved”. Especially if it is a once in a lifetime event like a wedding. Often the entertainment is the most important part of an event. Consider all the things you expect from the DJ, the importance of their role and weigh it up against the cost of the other vendors. Especially in a wedding scenario, rank the DJ and their responsibilities and all vendors in order of importance and put their dollar value next to it.

We at LWP believe we have all bases covered and will make your event memorable and entertaining.

Contact us to see how we can rock your next party.

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