Things Wedding Guests Absolutely Hate

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1. Long Wedding Ceremonies

It is suggested that the Ceremony should be restricted to around 20 minutes as guests begin to get restless. After this time they can lose interest and could become bored. There are exceptions especially if following a religious tradition otherwise keep it short. If it’s hot especially in an outdoor ceremony, they’ll sit sweating in the sunshine. If it is there only change of clothes, they will get hot and sweaty and be uncomfortable. Officiants can sometimes be long winded, give them a time you want your ceremony to go for so they don’t go off on tangent.

2. Problems at the Bar

It is not recommended to have cash bars, for no other reason than many guests won’t expect it, or come prepared with money to buy their drinks. The hosts are expected to provide food and drinks for the duration of the event. If you can’t afford to host a full, open bar, try offering a Limited Bar  with only beer and wine. Slow, long lines that distract guests’ attention away from the wedding festivities so ensure there is enough staff to run the bar.

3. Dead Time Between Events

Guests generally don’t like to attend an early wedding with a late reception especially if they’re from the area. This usually happens when the couple only has a booked time slot for the ceremony at their preferred venue, but they want an evening reception. This downtime rarely gives guests enough time to go do something interesting, but it’s long enough that most people won’t want to sit around. It is more likely the guests go home and change, only to do it all again an a while later. It takes entire day away from your guests.

4. Bad Performance Art

It is no fun to watch drunk, tone-deaf wedding guests smashing out a song on the microphone at the reception. It’s not intended to be a karaoke event, it’s a wedding. Avoid having guests singing you down the aisle, unless they are a professional. Tell your Wedding DJ in advance not to let anybody hijack the microphone for a song or “special” tribute. Save that stuff for the after-party.

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