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When booking your DJ, keep in mind how much your are spending on your wedding and don’t cheap out on your Wedding DJ. Often your Wedding DJ is the only entertainment you have and it is important to find that DJ that will turn your reception into an unforgettable party.

Remember no music, there is no entertainment for your reception.

Keep It About You

The music style should mostly be up to you as it is important that you and your guests like the music being played. Your Wedding DJ should have a large range of music styles and not specialise just in one or two genres. It would be a shame if your DJ specialises in Hip Hop and the crowd want some good ol’ traditional songs and bangers they know and want to dance to. Find a DJ that can play what you want to hear.


It is important to have an experienced Wedding DJ. They need to be able understand and follow the logistics of the night. They should be diverse with their music selection and be able to deliver a journey through the selected genres. It should be seamless and played in a smooth and entertaining manner.

Lighting and Equipment

Though it is not always the case, the more you spend on your Wedding DJ, the more professional their set up is. Find out what lighting they intend to bring and how their large the PA system is. A bit of a cheat would be to find out what speakers they are using and do a little research on them. Check the reviews and the quality of sound quality they produce. Imagine your disappointment if the DJ pumps up the volume on a cheap set of speakers and it sounds distorted and have been over driven. It hurts and your guests could disperse to get away from the low quality sound being forced upon them. Not to mention bad sound can destroy the atmosphere of the night.

Is the DJ Your Kind of Person?

It is important that you can connect with your Wedding DJ. If you DJ is kind and friendly, the chances are they will get on with you and your guests. Confidence counts, knowing your DJ can get your guests highly motivated will create the party vibe for your reception. The DJ should enjoy the music they play just as much as you and your guests. Having a DJ that keeps playing the songs that you and your guests love will keep the atmosphere of the party continuing throughout your reception.

Also if your are using Your DJ as an MC, they need to have a fun and out going personality. They need to be able to lift the mood of the room and keep things flowing.