Why You Should Hire Your Wedding DJ for Ceremonies

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Not only can your Wedding DJ create a great playlist with your input of what songs and genres required, it can make the ceremony much more enjoyable for the early arriving guests. It sets a mood prior to the formalities and allow the guests to happily settle in.

Your guests will appreciate the background music as it avoids any awkward silence in conversation but it also helps set a romantic mood in the lead up to the ceremony.

A professional Wedding DJ will have a professional PA system with high high quality microphones to ensure everything can be clearly heard. A celebrant will often walk in with a little battery speaker on a trolley and use that as the ceremony PA.

This also gives the DJ the opportunity to mingle with the crowd and start reading the music they feel will pop for the reception.

Setting the mood at the ceremony carries the excitement into the reception and have your guests hyped up and ready to party.